Female Ejaculation for Fakes

Ellen Stagg shot me for the 2010 NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar in her backyard in Brooklyn. I brought the hose and my mother’s vintage 70′s bathing suit.

This is the picture that almost went in the calendar. But almost doesn’t count…or does it?

Photo Credit: E Stagg

Sex News Square Down #25

This week’s Sex News Square Down - the Tucson edition - will have you thinking harder about her orgasm. Plus, low sperm counts across Israel and sex toys for trendy dogs. Seriously.

  • Does emotional intelligence play a key role in bringing women to orgasm? A new batch of research takes us to that “higher level,” saying that women who are in touch with their emotions are more likely to have orgasms. That’s a no brainer. (BBC)
  • The hot doll is coming soon. It’s calling itself the ultimate sex toy…for dogs. No, really. (Hotdoll)
  • Miss California and her anti-gay agenda. (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile in Maine and (hopefully) New Hampshire - legislators say hells bells to the legalization of same-sex unions. (CNN)
  • It’s Masturbation May, and to help you keep it going all month long, check out Top Five Tuesday - Masturbating Men. (Hot Movies For Her)
  • New airline x-ray machines will reveal everything. From love handles to the size of his package, are you ready to fly the more-friendly-than-you-ever-expected-to-get-down-with-friendly-skies? (Sexual Intelligence)
  • Too skinny for sexy time? Thin doesn’t always get you in..and out…and in…(Fox News)
  • Israeli men are less fertile than they were ten years ago. Is this the beginning of the end of the population of Israel? (Carnal Nation)

Sex News Square Down #21

In this week’s Sex News Square Down Middle America takes a progressive approach on marriage (yay Iowa!), while Massachusetts tries to control the naked bodies of people over 60. And a fascinating take on the male biological clock. Can you hear it ticking?

  • Hats off to Iowa, where marriage will someday soon mean more than man and wife. (Huffington Post)
  • Naked and aging? Then you might not want to visit the state of Massachusetts. That’s where state representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein has introduced a bill to make it illegal for anyone over 60 to pose nude/sexually for a camera. Marty Klein enlightens us. (Sexual Intelligence)
  • How a man might see his seed if he knew that he was part of the biological equation. (NY Times Magazine)
  • Planet of the Apes. In times of money problems, do women prefer hair on their men? It’s out with the metrosexual, and in with the gorilla, at least according to this article from down under. (9News.au)
  • Does Annie Sprinkle as keynote speaker rain on the parade that is The Visions of Feminine Conference at American University? Amanda Hess seems to think it might. (Washington City Paper)

Sex News Square Down #18

In this weeks Sex News Square Down Barbie turns 50, but her boobs don’t look a day over 21. Conservatives likey likey their porney, porney and there’s a lot to learn about the biology of sex.

  • Barbie: Still Hollow at 50. A reflection on the doll that is Barbie on the anniversary of her 50th birthday. She got bendable legs in 1965, a bendable waist two years later, and she dumped Ken in 2004 (after 43 years together). What is Barbie thinking? (Canada.com)
  • The Biology of Sex. Women who enjoy it live longer (although my grandmother is 82 and she never seemed to enjoy it, hmmm). Human male balls are proportionally smaller than the rest of the animal kingdoms testes, and oxytocin travels in semen. Plus, what happens to the female prostate as a fetus evolves in the womb? Inquiring minds want to know all about it, and truth is, there’s a lot to know. (ABC News)
  • Conservatives prefer porn to their liberal brethren. According to a recent study in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, “Eight of the top 10 pornography consuming states gave their electoral votes to John McCain in last year’s presidential election - Florida and Hawaii were the exceptions. While six out of the lowest 10 favoured Barack Obama.” (New Scientist)
  • Is (one of my absolute favorite shows) Battlestar Galactica pure evil? Or is this article trying too hard? (io9)
  • Sex Education in Schools: The divide between public opinion and political views. (Newsweek)
  • Environmentally friendly condoms and eco-lingerie? More ways to keep your sex life greener. (Fox News)

Cherry TV and me!

Cherry TV is live! Words can’t express how lucky I feel to be part of this site. If you want to see me dishing on BJ’s, vibrators and lubes, go to Fresh Advice and watch away! But be warned, there are plenty of other great reasons to watch Cherry TV, like the women’s roundtable and Yvonne Fulbright’s Fresh Advice too.

And thanks to Lux Nightmare for her fantastic write-up of Personal Touch 3: Exploring the O via Fleshbot. I do agree with her, it is the best one in the series (that’s not to say I don’t love something about all the movies, but this is definitely my favorite). But this is the only one of the films where all three scenes, are worth the watch.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming…

PT3 and Ejaculation

The final film of my first trifecta of films has been released, and this film literally shows an even bigger release within. If I’m not making sense, let me clarify. This “even bigger release within” is actually what has been called female ejaculation and/or squirting. In Scene 2 of Personal Touch 3: Exploring the O, squirter-extraordinare’s Cytherea and Lyla Lei let themselves go, which is why I hired them (because I knew they could go there). They (mainly) show manual masturbation, but they show it till they squirt hard, loud and far. While I hired these girls because I knew they could ejaculate, I just didn’t know how crazy, ridiculous their ejaculation could, and would, be. We actually covered the cameras with garbage bags (and the cameramen) and we blocked a wall between the bathroom and bedroom because we didn’t want to drench anything or anyone.

And with the ejaculation they achieved, we could have drenched people and places. It was crazy. It was beautiful because it was so far beyond anything I’d ever seen live. Sure they drank a lot of water, but what came out was not pee.

That being said, I don’t believe that every woman should ejaculate, or that it is even always an orgasm (it’s not). In fact, for me, ejaculation is a great release, and that’s my favorite part about it. Well, that, and that you get to squirt on someone, or something else - for once. But it’s very rarely a great orgasm.

All women “ejaculate,” it’s just not always the physical act of exuding fluid so far out of your body it can hit another target. No, for some women ejaculation is a drip or a drizzle, aka the wet spot on the bed after something, or someone, has played inside their vagina. But ejaculation isn’t the be all, end all and it’s not even always better than a clitoral orgasm. It just depends on when it happens and what it feels like when it happens. And ejaculation makes for neat party chatter.

If you want to learn to ejaculate, my favorite website is Jenny Spray. But it’d be cool if you buy my video too, cause that will show you it as well. And my video talks lots about your PC muscles.

You can read the Xbiz article on the movie, here

Monogamy in Vegas

Fleshbot has about summed up my workshops here.

I’m teaching two more workshops today, but if you can’t attend in person, here’s a sampling from my monogamy without monotony workshop. And if you do attend in person, as a fan, I’d love to know what you get out of being here, in Vegas, surrounded by loads of silicone boobies (and some beautifully real ones too). Or is that what you get out of it?


Monogamy, a term that came about in order for men to ensure that their offspring sprang from the womb of one woman, is not something natural, as in it’s not the way nature intended things to be. Now, I’m not saying that monogamy isn’t all fine and dandy, or that it’s not the most popular method of living and loving around, but it’s just not natural. That’s all.

Still, just because it’s not natural doesn’t mean it’s not popular. Sure it’s great to find the one person you want to grow old with forever, but it’s also a fact that it isn’t easy to always grow old together with grace, love and excitement. But I don’t want to talk about the growing old part, I’m much more interested in the growing together and getting it on part. And that’s not always easy either.

So what can you do to get keep your relationship hot? As in happening? Like not dead, or dour?

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It’s not just a Billy Joel song anymore. That is, if it ever was. I see my boyfriend rolling his eyes at me right now. He thinks I have the worst taste in music. I think Billy Joel is an acquired Long Island thing.


For those of you in Las Vegas next week, I will be teaching the first-ever fan seminars at the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Convention Center (attached to the Venetian). That’s where the pressure comes in. FIRST EVER. Truth is, I like the sound of that.

Now, if you will be there, either for porn, or for CES, try to come by (but not come in, as in actually come during, because that would be weird for some people).

The seminar schedule is as follows:

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2 cents 2 day

Quote of the day from the article German Invents ‘Spray-On’ Condom to Fit All Sizes in Spiegel Online:

“With our technology we could spray a condom on an erect elephant.”

My dear friend Audacia Ray has launched a new site. I love the title, Live Girl Review and I love that she reviewed Personal Touch: Volume 1. She made some good points, although I can’t say that I agree with her about her ideas about porn and sex education. I still think that we need to make porn that educates, even if it educates in a subliminal manner.

Yay Fleshbot!!

I got, what I’d call a fantastic write-up on Fleshbot for Personal Touch Volume One: Toying with Pleasure. Volume Two: Seeking Monogamy without Monotony was just released too!!! I’ll link to it soon, but I will say this now, I like it…I like it a lot.

I have lots more to say, especially about this stupid People magazine naming Matt Damon sexiest man alive (I mean how do you figure that?), but it will have to wait, as I’m about to head out to Denver in about six hours and I’m not ready yet. But I will be ready tomorrow, when I’m at hysteria sex shop at 6:30PM for a wine and cheese meet and greet and a workshop on female masturbation!

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