PT3 and Ejaculation

The final film of my first trifecta of films has been released, and this film literally shows an even bigger release within. If I’m not making sense, let me clarify. This “even bigger release within” is actually what has been called female ejaculation and/or squirting. In Scene 2 of Personal Touch 3: Exploring the O, squirter-extraordinare’s Cytherea and Lyla Lei let themselves go, which is why I hired them (because I knew they could go there). They (mainly) show manual masturbation, but they show it till they squirt hard, loud and far. While I hired these girls because I knew they could ejaculate, I just didn’t know how crazy, ridiculous their ejaculation could, and would, be. We actually covered the cameras with garbage bags (and the cameramen) and we blocked a wall between the bathroom and bedroom because we didn’t want to drench anything or anyone.

And with the ejaculation they achieved, we could have drenched people and places. It was crazy. It was beautiful because it was so far beyond anything I’d ever seen live. Sure they drank a lot of water, but what came out was not pee.

That being said, I don’t believe that every woman should ejaculate, or that it is even always an orgasm (it’s not). In fact, for me, ejaculation is a great release, and that’s my favorite part about it. Well, that, and that you get to squirt on someone, or something else - for once. But it’s very rarely a great orgasm.

All women “ejaculate,” it’s just not always the physical act of exuding fluid so far out of your body it can hit another target. No, for some women ejaculation is a drip or a drizzle, aka the wet spot on the bed after something, or someone, has played inside their vagina. But ejaculation isn’t the be all, end all and it’s not even always better than a clitoral orgasm. It just depends on when it happens and what it feels like when it happens. And ejaculation makes for neat party chatter.

If you want to learn to ejaculate, my favorite website is Jenny Spray. But it’d be cool if you buy my video too, cause that will show you it as well. And my video talks lots about your PC muscles.

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