So Last Week 202

In this week’s Happy New Year, So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed, this year’s deaths in sex. Robin Roberts comes out. Odd “naked” people calendars for 2014 and free psychic breast readings.

  • Sexual losses 2013. (
  • GMA’s Robin Roberts keeps it real by coming out. (Variety)
  • When it comes to sex, the pay off may be bigger if you’re elusive. (PsychologyToday)
  • My big polyamorous wedding. (xoJane)
  • Falling in love with Beyoncé. Sexuality, motherhood and liberation. (DirectLyrics)
  • Only in New York. Free psychic breast readings offers an easy way to cop a feel. (DailyDot)
  • How to orgasm from giving a blowjob. (Cosmo)
  • Pornstar Aurora Snow on her now sexless life. (TheDailyBeast)
  • 10 strange “naked” people calendars for 2014. (TheDailyEdge)
  • Love in a time of cancer. A beautiful reminder of what love is, and can be. (ZenPsychiatry)