It’s not just a Billy Joel song anymore. That is, if it ever was. I see my boyfriend rolling his eyes at me right now. He thinks I have the worst taste in music. I think Billy Joel is an acquired Long Island thing.


For those of you in Las Vegas next week, I will be teaching the first-ever fan seminars at the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Convention Center (attached to the Venetian). That’s where the pressure comes in. FIRST EVER. Truth is, I like the sound of that.

Now, if you will be there, either for porn, or for CES, try to come by (but not come in, as in actually come during, because that would be weird for some people).

The seminar schedule is as follows:

Friday, January 11th:

11AM: Sex Toy Workshop: How to Choose Them/How to Use Them. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll be going over vibrators, dildos, toys for boys, toys for bondage and toys for Uranus, also known as butt toys.

2PM: Uncovering the O: Female Orgasms and More! We’ll be talking clit, G-spot, the two A-spot’s (her anus and her AFE Zone) and the more… which would be ejaculation which doesn’t necessarily happen because of an orgasm.

4PM: Relationship Clinic: Monogamy Without Monotony. Did you know that monogamy came about because of a law that kept women under the domain of one man?

Here’s my newest description for this one - and if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, I’ll be teaching this in Rhode Island in May:

Explore ways to keep the sizzle, without the fizzle, in your long-term relationship with sex educator, author and director Jamye Waxman. This workshop, based on her Adam and Eve Video of the same name, will supply you with tricks and techniques to keep your long-term sex life hot! Discover more effective ways to communicate, and find out how to show your partner what you like without ever having to tell him or her what you want. Plus tips on role-play and anal stimulation to keep both of you satisfied for years to come. Monogamy doesn’t have to mean monotony ever again!

Then on Saturday, January 12th - here’s the rundown:

11AM: Relationship Clinic: Monogamy Without Monotony

2PM: Sex Toy Workshop: How to Choose Them/How to Use Them

If I don’t see you there, I’ve got a masturbation celebration going on at Babeland on January 15th. Mark it down now and come by if you can. Free booze - how’s that for incentive?