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  • 1-20-10
Jamye Waxman has 101 Positions to Pleasure Your LoverFleshbot
  • 11-23-09
Levi Johnston Criticized for Having “Hairy Armpits” in
  • 11-03-09
Hot Monogamy, Sexpert Jamye Waxman offers seven amazing ways to pump up the passion.2 For Couples
  • 04-28-09
Monogamy’s Tough, but Worth the SweatThe Toronto Star
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Meet New York’s Sex BloggersVillage Voice
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Top 5 Tuesday Female DirectorsHotMoviesForHer
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The Top 10 Women Directors in PornrXcritic
  • 10-16-08
Sexy as Duck: New York Sex Writers Announce Monthly VisitorGram Ponante: Porn Valley Observed
  • 05-30-08
Those Dirty Girls: Did ‘Sex and the City’ change the erotic landscape or turn the female libido into a marketing ploy? Sex writers discuss the iconic show’s
  • 05-07-08
How About A Quickie?Time Out NY
  • May 2008
Orgasms. Any Questions?Glamour
  • 03-26-08
‘Exploring The “O”‘ With Jamye
  • 03-24-2008
If Spitzer really wore socks in bed, may mean fear of intimacy: sex expertsNY Daily News
  • 03-03-08
Jamye Waxman Seeks (And Finds!) ‘Monogamy Without Monotony’
  • 02-06-08
Invasion of the Body WatchersCity Paper
  • 01-01-08
Expo Woos Porn Fans With Touchy-Feely







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  • Naked Ambition, edited by Carly Milne (Carroll & Graf) Jamye wrote a chapter on debunking the pervert myth around porn. Buy it now!
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  • 101 Positions for Lovers is an educational video focusing on enhancing intimacy, communication, and relationships. This will be done through interviews with loving couples as well as detailed instructions on how to improve intimacy. Educator Jamye Waxman will host this educational and informational video, which will be shot on location at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.



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