Sex News Square Down #25

This week’s Sex News Square Down - the Tucson edition - will have you thinking harder about her orgasm. Plus, low sperm counts across Israel and sex toys for trendy dogs. Seriously.

  • Does emotional intelligence play a key role in bringing women to orgasm? A new batch of research takes us to that “higher level,” saying that women who are in touch with their emotions are more likely to have orgasms. That’s a no brainer. (BBC)
  • The hot doll is coming soon. It’s calling itself the ultimate sex toy…for dogs. No, really. (Hotdoll)
  • Miss California and her anti-gay agenda. (LA Times)
  • Meanwhile in Maine and (hopefully) New Hampshire - legislators say hells bells to the legalization of same-sex unions. (CNN)
  • It’s Masturbation May, and to help you keep it going all month long, check out Top Five Tuesday - Masturbating Men. (Hot Movies For Her)
  • New airline x-ray machines will reveal everything. From love handles to the size of his package, are you ready to fly the more-friendly-than-you-ever-expected-to-get-down-with-friendly-skies? (Sexual Intelligence)
  • Too skinny for sexy time? Thin doesn’t always get you in..and out…and in…(Fox News)
  • Israeli men are less fertile than they were ten years ago. Is this the beginning of the end of the population of Israel? (Carnal Nation)