Sex Advice: Uterine Orgasms

Question: What are uterine orgasms and how can I have one?

Me. Not having a uterine orgasm, I’m just playing in the moonbounce. Photo: B. Yetzer

Answer: I recently got thinking about the subject of uterine orgasms myself, after attending the informational and horribly insensitive closing plenary given by one Dr. Irwin Goldstein at last week’s AASECT conference in San Diego.

Uterine orgasms. While it’s good to set goals for yourself, I don’t know how to say “if you do it like this, you’ll feel it like that.” (Okay, I know how to say it, I just did, but I don’t know how to “make” you do it).  A uterine orgasm happens when the uterus is massaged, which is a result of hard pounding, also known as a combination of rapid thrusting and deep insertion. It doesn’t involve the muscular contractions of the pelvic floor, but does seem to involve stimulation of the fornices, which are the deepest spaces of the vagina, around the entrance to the cervix (I’ve attached a handy diagram from wikipedia to show where these fornices are).

The two little lines, where words come out (on the diagram, not in your body), those are the anterior and posterior fornices (fornix if singular).

Some experts say uterine orgasms can involve the G-spot too. Others discuss the vagus nerve, a nerve that can be stimulated at the cervix, even though the vagus nerve starts in the brain. In fact, women who’ve had complete spinal cord injury may still experience orgasm through the vagus nerve, sending orgasmic messages directly from the uterus and cervix, all the way up to the brain (ah, the brain, the most powerful sex organ). When a uterine orgasm occurs, it is said to be felt deep and possibly only one-time, a.k.a. one contraction. It’s also said to be highly emotional and may result in an emotional outburst as well.

My friend and colleague SexNerdSandra says, “my understanding is that the uterus pulses into itself, and rocks forward and back during deeply-stimulated orgasm.” As my brain isn’t wrapped around science or bacon (Not sure why I wrote bacon, but I wanted too), you can find more on uterine orgasms, but not a heck-of-a-lot-more, on the Wikipedia page.

Note: wikipedia writes that uterine orgasms are “short-lived” at up to 30 seconds each. While it’s been studied that the average female orgasm lasts between 48 and 80 seconds (Equation - female orgasms are generally 6 to 10 contractions at .8 seconds apart) my orgasms never seem to last that long. Or maybe they feel so good, I forget to count?

If you want to read a personal post about a woman and her orgasms, uterine and otherwise, check out this post at Honest to Betsy, a blog I stumbled upon when looking for more answers to the uterine orgasm question. And if you have your own uterine orgasms and want to share how they feel, or how you have them, by all means, leave a comment!