Hot Sox: Sexy Storytelling

ReidaboutSex before this week’s Bawdy. The story whisperer - Dixie DLT (Photo Credit: Shilo McCabe)

This week’s Hot Sox podcast is like the Moth, for pervs. And at the end of the podcast, listen to the story I told at last week’s Oakland Bawdy Storytelling show. All thanks to doing this podcast!

In this week’s Hot Sox podcast, join the storytelling seductress behind Bawdy Storytelling, Dixie De La Tour, as she shares tales of cougars, power exchange, orgies, anonymous sex, getting laid on craigslist and losing her virginity. I know I can’t stop listening as Dixie weaves true tales, including one of a woman who gets fucked into her new body, why she began offering blow job advice in high school and how to get laid on craigslist. I also tell her about my grade school’s so called virginity test.

Listen via itunes or here (via my site). And I know it’s a little echo-y. I promise now that I’m regularly podcasting, I’ll improve my sound and recording very, berry soon.

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