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Hey Interwebs!

Are you out there?

I haven’t written anything on this blog in quite some time. Not since I got more than knee-deep into working on my dissertation proposal and finishing up my last years in my counseling psychology program at Santa Clara University. The good news is I’m almost an MFT and I’m getting closer to being not so ABD too.

Oh, and in between all of these things, I haz baby. Which leads me to post today. I was recently interviewed by Tristan Taormino on sex and pregnancy for Glamour magazine.

I figured why not share it here now.



So This (Last) Week 205

In this week’s very old So Last Week Month, Sex News You May Have Missed, lab grown vaginas. Is BDSM the new yoga? Meet a refrigerator dating guru and what breast milk knows about your baby.

  • Vaginas can be grown in labs. (TheGuardian)
  • Is casual sex bad for your mental health? (PsychologyToday)
  • Portraits of New Yorkers with sexual fetishes. (FeatureShoot)
  • The Atlantic explores polyamory. (TheAtlantic)
  • Is sadomasochism the new yoga? (LiveScience)
  • Not the marrying kind? Thoughts on the suffocation of marriage. (
  • Breast milk based on baby’s gender. (IFLScience)
  • Who knew there was such a thing as a refrigerator dating guru? (TheProvince)
  • Pamela Anderson, naked again, 25 years after her first Playboy cover. (DailyMail)

So Last Week 204

Happy Valentines Day. As I continue to adjust to life with baby, the schedule for Sex News You May Have Missed adjusts too. In this week’s news, hookup culture strikes twice. Japanese girls give new meaning to My Bloody Valentine. Body image liberated and what not to say to a transgender person. #solastweek

  • “People who are in consensual non-monogamous relationships use condoms more and use condoms more correctly than people who are secretly cheating on their partner.” This, and other interesting findings about hookup culture. (NYMag)
  • RIP Gloria Leonard. Pornographer and publicist. (NYT)
  • Menstrual blood, chocolate, pubic hair and love. The Japanese art of really weird gifts. (RocketNews24)
  • I don’t care if I look fat in these pictures. A liberating piece on body image. (
  • Michael Sam is the first openly gay NFL player and Texas sports anchor Dale Hansen sums up his coming out eloquently and beautifully. (People)
  • 10 things you may not have known about love and sex - although I believe it’s the four year itch and that men who understand their penis mechanics last longer in bed too.  (io9)
  • Jewish Grandma to Gay Grandson: Don’t Go Near Russia. (TabletMag)
  • Karl T. Wright and Wendy Miller a must-see marriage and an amazingly happy (and funny) couple. (LAWeekly)
  • What not to say to a Transgender person. (CNN)
  • So last year: When will it be okay for men to hook up with men, even if they’re not gay? (NYMag)
  • Releasing your inner naughty girl (cause naughty girls need love to). (atouchofflavor)

So Last Week 203

And we’re back. Or, I’m back, after receiving the best New Years gift ever (hint: a baby girl, cause yep, now I’m a mom), it’s time to start posting more So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed. In this week’s SLW, Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow and why we will never know the truth. The economics of being poly. A math genius hacks his way through OKCupid and Muslim love.

  • Woody Allen’s good name may not be so good. (TheNewInquiry)
  • The economics of polyamory. (NPR)
  • Sex and Football. (SocialWorkHelper)
  • Posing with mannequins, a “spinster” reenacts the American Dream. (FeatureShoot)
  • Muslim men and love. A new book tackles the emotional side of sex and intimacy.  (WashingtonPost)
  • How a math genius hacked OKCupid to find true love (and then wrote a book about it). (Wired)
  • Brooklyn, NY: A snag in gay marriage when it comes to adoption. (Gothamist)
  • True love never dies, it just gets buried nearby. (People)
  • A dating website for part-time love. (DailyMail)
  • Nude yoga. Good for the body, and easy on the eyes. (Nerve)

So Last Week 202

In this week’s Happy New Year, So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed, this year’s deaths in sex. Robin Roberts comes out. Odd “naked” people calendars for 2014 and free psychic breast readings.

  • Sexual losses 2013. (
  • GMA’s Robin Roberts keeps it real by coming out. (Variety)
  • When it comes to sex, the pay off may be bigger if you’re elusive. (PsychologyToday)
  • My big polyamorous wedding. (xoJane)
  • Falling in love with Beyoncé. Sexuality, motherhood and liberation. (DirectLyrics)
  • Only in New York. Free psychic breast readings offers an easy way to cop a feel. (DailyDot)
  • How to orgasm from giving a blowjob. (Cosmo)
  • Pornstar Aurora Snow on her now sexless life. (TheDailyBeast)
  • 10 strange “naked” people calendars for 2014. (TheDailyEdge)
  • Love in a time of cancer. A beautiful reminder of what love is, and can be. (ZenPsychiatry)
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