So Last Week 203

And we’re back. Or, I’m back, after receiving the best New Years gift ever (hint: a baby girl, cause yep, now I’m a mom), it’s time to start posting more So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed. In this week’s SLW, Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow and why we will never know the truth. The economics of being poly. A math genius hacks his way through OKCupid and Muslim love.

  • Woody Allen’s good name may not be so good. (TheNewInquiry)
  • The economics of polyamory. (NPR)
  • Sex and Football. (SocialWorkHelper)
  • Posing with mannequins, a “spinster” reenacts the American Dream. (FeatureShoot)
  • Muslim men and love. A new book tackles the emotional side of sex and intimacy.  (WashingtonPost)
  • How a math genius hacked OKCupid to find true love (and then wrote a book about it). (Wired)
  • Brooklyn, NY: A snag in gay marriage when it comes to adoption. (Gothamist)
  • True love never dies, it just gets buried nearby. (People)
  • A dating website for part-time love. (DailyMail)
  • Nude yoga. Good for the body, and easy on the eyes. (Nerve)