Sex Toy Review: Good Clean Love Oil

Today’s sex product review is Good Clean Love Oil - 1 oz. travel size, to make the TSA happy. This 100% vegan, natural blend of apricot kernel oil, organic Jojoba oil, Vitamin E antioxidant formula and essential oils smells great, tastes good and feels light on the skin, like oil on the body should.

The sample pack comes with three scents; an earthy one (Origins), a chai-tea one (Indian Spice) and rose (Caribbean Rose) and if you’re into scented massage oils then this gift pack is worth sampling. Hear, and see, my review of the paraben free products and listen to me live on LATalkRadio with GCL’s Wendy Strgar today at noon PST:

Buy the larger sizes too!
Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil 2 oz oil
Good Clean Love Oil Orgins 2 fl. oz.

Sex Toy Review: Freestyle

I love music. To dance to, to hoop to, to listen to, so my only question about the Freestyle rechargeable, wireless vibrator from OhMiBod is why did it take me so long to review this?!  This one-of-a-kind vibrator gets you off TO your music, and WITH your music because it plugs into your MP3 player to work with the sounds you want to hear. The peeps (and I love the peeps) behind OhMiBod thought of everything, from traveling with your toy, to how to listen, to the 8 various ways you can enjoy this rechargeable vibe.

The Freestyle brings music to the nexxxt level and who can’t jive with that?!

Buy the Freestyle at Good Vibes, Babeland or Fascinations.

Sex Toy Review: Bang O

Live on location from a “secret” windy roof top location in Venice, California, this week’s sex product review is The Screaming O‘s Bang O vibrating cock ring. What makes the Bang O different is the three weighted balls that dangle low for extra bangin’ stimulation. Used during intercourse, the vibrating bullet is designed to stimulate her clitoris, but I prefer vibrating pleasure rings to use during oral sex (think about using it when you’re going down on him or a dildo).  Or, use it over a few fingers for vibrating, finger-licking masturbation of her clitoris. Watch the short sex toy review to learn more about the waterproof, battery-operated Bang O!

Sex Toy Review: Man Eaters

Man Eaters from Outer Space is the latest fun(ny looking) toy from Big Teaze Toys, and it’s designed to eat your man, or at least his shaft. Three levels of vibration, just poke ‘im in the belly to change the speed, and you’ve got a waterproof, form fitting massage buddy that will make you smile. Check out my latest on location review:

Now that’s a mouthful!

Buy the Man Eater.

Little Deeper

It’s a sex pillow for use during sex (writing, typing or resting too) and it claims to provide oodles of pleasure for men with small penises who want to go a little deeper (and pleasure for their partner’s too!). I find the blog and the rest of the little deeper website a tad bit creepy, and still, it’s this week’s sex product review.

Buy Little Deeper Love Cushion

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle

This week’s sex product review screams sensuality! touch! hot wax! black pepper and pomegranate! To find out more, watch the latest Toying with Tuesday, sex toy video review:

Buy the candle at Babeland

Animals Masturbate

Because holidays are a time for repeats or sappy specials, I’m foregoing a new video sex toy review this week, instead sharing a few of my favorite toys to ring in the new year, and every other day of the year too! Well, that and…. video of animals masturbating.


Self Petting Zoo:

It really is videos of animals masturbating. It’s both fascinating and disturbing, but I’ll leave it for you to decide what falls where. (Thanks Dee!)


The truth is, we’re all animals, and if we all masturbate, we could use a tool or two, too. So…

The Eroscillator

Like it says on the side of me blog (see side) this favorite! vibe! ever! is really the best vibe ever. Do not be detracted by its look. That is all.

Pure Wand

If you didn’t read it in yesterday’s SLW: Sex News You May Have Missed, go directly to the article from the Las Vegas Weekly here. If this doesn’t make you love the man (and want the toy) behind the greatest non-vibrating sexual pleasure wand for providing both prostate and G-spot stimulation, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Sliquid Flavored Lubes

I love the blue raspberry myself, but last week at a party the gals went ga-ga for the Cherry Vanilla. Whichever you choose, you can’t lose because lube makes sex better.  And even if you don’t want flavored lube, you can use other lubes, or oils (for sexy stuff where you don’t use condoms) or cornstarch and rub better, longer. That’s the point. The flavored lube, like coconut oil, it smells good though.

Luna Beads

Lastly, watch this video for one for the kegels. It’s a holiday repeat.

CB-6000:Cock Lock

This is the first sex product review that in order to provide full disclosure I will say I haven’t used yet, and even if I had, it’s actually not something I could use, not having a penis and all. But it’s something that I think, while not necessarily a “toy,” can be a great tool for foreplay, mind games, hot sex and the like, and something I hope to use with a loving, trusting partner sometime in the next year of my life. It’s the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device.

The CB-6000 is a cock lock, the kind of thing he wears on his penis so that he can’t get an erection and break free and hump the world. It’s the kind of product he has to have trust in, because he has to know where/who has the lock so he can get out, but he also has to believe that whomever he trusts is going to let him out of the cock lock eventually. That’s after he finds the perfect fit so that he can’t rise to any occasion.

The couple pushing the product this summer said that the penis in the relationship sometimes stays in the lock for a few days straight, especially when they’re at a conference pushing the product. You can shower in it (it’s plastic) and pee through it, so there’s really no need to take it off if he gets off wearing it.

They gave me the camouflage one to take home, and one day use, because it’s my favorite of the lot, but there are definitely other colors, and materials, to choose from. You can see what I’m talking about, and hear how you can even go through a metal detector while wearing the CB-6000, a new way to look at foreplay, by watching me now:

Buy now: The CB-6000

Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook

I have fallen in love with Intercourses, the book, and as a result, have produced the latest Toying with Tuesday, non sex-toy, but not, non-sexy review. Something you should know that I know about things that I love. When I’m around said things (like books) I can sometimes say something stupid about the something (or someone) that I adore. That’s because I try hard to say something smart.

That being said, I really enjoyed this book, and trying out the recipes, well, the recipe I tried with “easy” in the title, after which were the words “strawberry” and “empanada,” I really enjoyed the taste too. And while I’m not sure if this amazing price for Intercourses is for the updated or first edition of the book, I say you can’t go wrong keeping this book in your kitchen if you love sex AND food, whether as the one cooking or the one eating. Actually, I have a lot to say, so let’s roll the tape:

Astroglide (Naturally) & Lelo Luna Beads

This week on Toying with Tuesday, I’m reviewing Lelo‘s Luna Beads, a fun way to remember to practice sexual health and pleasure at the same time. To more easily slide the beads to their desired locale (in the vagina), I served myself up with a handy helping of Astroglide Natural. I’m a big fan of the pelvic floor (yay, pelvic floor, thanks for holding us all in place) and the exercises associated with strengthening the muscles that surround the vagina, urethra, bladder and anus (on guys, it supports the penis and the rest of the package). I once made a short video about exercising your pelvic floor muscles and I know that my own orgasms have changed for the better as a result of regular pelvic floor exercises.

So, that’s why I will always love the Luna Beads and other products geared towards strengthening the vagina (it is a muscle, use it or lose it). When inserted along with lube it makes for two great tastes that taste great together, even if Astroglide’s Natural lubricant doesn’t taste - or smell - all that natural. Oh well. It still worked.

Watch the review:

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