Sex Toy Review: Good Clean Love Oil

Today’s sex product review is Good Clean Love Oil - 1 oz. travel size, to make the TSA happy. This 100% vegan, natural blend of apricot kernel oil, organic Jojoba oil, Vitamin E antioxidant formula and essential oils smells great, tastes good and feels light on the skin, like oil on the body should.

The sample pack comes with three scents; an earthy one (Origins), a chai-tea one (Indian Spice) and rose (Caribbean Rose) and if you’re into scented massage oils then this gift pack is worth sampling. Hear, and see, my review of the paraben free products and listen to me live on LATalkRadio with GCL’s Wendy Strgar today at noon PST:

Buy the larger sizes too!
Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil 2 oz oil
Good Clean Love Oil Orgins 2 fl. oz.