Hot Sox: Sex, Sperm, Burning Man and Piney Fresh

Pictured above: Piney Fresh in one of his costumes and our fourth “roommate,” the cat, Leonard Bernstein.

In this week’s Hot Sox Podcast you’ll meet one of my roommates, Piney Fresh. We talk about how we met, and if guys and girls can just be friends. Plus, sex at Burning Man, what happens when a woman doesn’t come, climaxing together, sex toys in the bedroom, mutual masturbation, hula hooping, The Ethical Slut, vasectomies, good verse bad blowjobs and tasting your own sperm. If that isn’t enough, we answer a sex porn question from a listener! Have your own burning sex questions? Email me at

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Hot Sox. American Gangbang: A Love Story

I first met Sam Benjamin back in 2009 at Audacia Ray’s Sex Worker Literati. He’s smart, charming, uses big words, has a great smile and knows how to write. His story at SWL (now the Red Umbrella Diaries) had me laughing really loud and hard. I wanted to get to know him better, but alas I was moving to LA, he had just moved to NY and so it goes. And now, I moved to SF and he’s living in LA, but I finally got a chance to sit down with him and chat it up.

This week’s podcast is not only about his wonderfully engaging and oft time hilarious memoir, American Gangbang: A Love Story, it’s also about his life as a go-go dancer, porn as art, condoms in porn, the best porn directors and performers in the world (think: Belladonna, John Leslie, Stagliano and more), and what it’s like for two of us..nice Jewish kids from the east coast, who got to working in the adult entertainment industry.

I had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy listening too.

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And if you’re in SF, Sam and Richard Pacheco will be talking porn TONIGHT, 8PM at the Center for Sex and Culture.

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Hot Sox: The Sex Diaries Project

In this week’s Hot Sox Podcast, I squeal with delight when I get to talk with Arianne Cohen. Arianne was an editor at New York Magazine when she was asked to curate an article based on a handful of sex diaries from New York types. Fascinated by what she was reading, she took the project on the road and it’s now on the world wide web (check out, spawned three books (in the US, UK and Italy) and a TV show is in the works! Arianne’s book, The Sex Diaries Project, is not only an insightful, intelligent and honest look at the sex lives of various varieties of humankind, it’s also one fun and easy read! It’s full of Arianne’s great observations on all sorts of things like relationship types, signs of an impending breakup, soloism and other things you probably haven’t even thought of yet!

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Buy: The Sex Diaries Project: What We’re Saying about What We’re Doing (

One last note: I’m delighted and excited that Arianne Cohen was the inspiration that got me back on the Hot Sox podcast bandwagon. I hope you enjoy the podcast. You can keep your own sex diary at The Sex Diaries Project.

Hot Sox: How to Suck Less At Online Dating

Photos: me and abby. 2004 and 2011. Burning Man.

It’s another Hot Sox Podcast, and my guest is the very special, dear friend type-o-guest that lets me crash at her place and take care of her adorable new poodle, Scribbles. It’s Abby, Stabby, Crabby, Fabby (I just made that one up), Ehmann and I love her dearly. She has been a huge influence in my life for years. You’ve heard her on the podcast before (in March, Podcast 11), and now get ready to hear her again. This week, we’re talking about how she hears a lot of “Wow! You look just like your picture!” as she, once again, dips her toes, tats (short for tattoos, not ta-tas) and whole bad-ass self into the world of online dating.

Commiserate with sexy wordsmith Editrix Abby as she and I discuss the pitfalls and perils of her online dating escapades, including her current one month romp on SeniorPeopleMeet. Abby dishes on online dating etiquette, the men, and the crazy exchanges she’s had (without even meeting the men). Plus, why spelling matters and naked penis pictures. And, after listening to Abby, you can even ask her out, if you think you’ve got what she wants.

Here’s just one pearl of Abby-licious wisdom: “If you’re fishing, what are you putting on your line. What’s the bait you’re trying to hook people with?” Think about it and listen to this week’s Hot Sox Podcast. It’s all about online dating. Hook, line and sink-her.

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Music. Intro: Girl I Love You, Massive Attack.  Outro: Love is a Losing Game, Amy Winehouse

Hot Sox: Hairy Pits and Gay Apps

As of this Hot Sox podcast I’d like to note that I am still growing out my underarm hair and am feeling sexier and sexier about it at the moment. It’s not long enough to dread, but when it is, I’ll be sure to take pics (if it is before I decide it’s not for me anymore).

That being said, enjoy my latest podcast…finally! It’s the Hot Sox podcast on hairy armpits and the “is my son” gay app with Ian Denchasy of Freddy and Eddy.

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Hot Sox: Eco-Menstruation and Period Sex

Yeah, the Hot Sox podcast is back and this week we’re seeing red (RIP Jani Lane). Periods! Blood! Sex! Menstrual Pads! Diva cups! That’s what we talk about live (at the time of taping) from Vancouver, BC. I hope you’re ready for an honest conversation around menstruation because that’s what you’ll get on this week’s Hot Sox Podcast.

I’m delighted to have had the chance to sit in the offices of lunapads ( and my very special guest is Madeleine Shaw, the co-founder of the reusable menstrual @lunapads.  We talk about sustainable solutions for handling blood, and why it’s time to think about how you “deal” with it. Plus, why it’s “normal” to be grossed out by blood, the importance of being in touch with our bodies, developing countries and the problem with girl’s getting periods and lots bloody more.  Plus, period sex. Hot or not? You decide.

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Hot Sox: Sex and Aging

This week’s Hot Sox Podcast features pro-aging sexpert, Joan Price, whose recent book Naked At Our Age discusses a myriad of subjects including “elder sex,” sex after death, cancer, online dating, viagra, erectile dysfunction and what to do when a woman loses her sex drive after menopause (this is quite common apparently). We discuss these subjects and more, like sex toys and communication because Joan is a wealth of information about sex and aging. Plus, for those things she doesn’t know, she finds the sex educators who do.
We both get teary-eyed as we man who had the biggest impact on her life so far, that’s the love of her life Robert, who passed away three years ago from cancer. While it took Joan over a year after his death to finish this book, it’s a testament to healing. Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex (Seal) is a book for anyone who hopes, and plans, to get old. It’s not just for people who are.

Listen to the podcast Sex and Aging (yep, right here). Or listen on itunes.

Check out Joan’s Books:

Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex

Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty

Hot Sox: Sex Nerd Sandra

I’m leaving town today, and won’t be back until Monday. From this statement, you should deduce the following:

  1. there will not likely be a so last week post on Monday. In fact, let’s make it Tuesday and call it even.
  2. there will be no other postings from me between now and then.

I now leave you with the latest hot sox podcast. It may not be up on itunes until next week, but don’t let that stop you from listening. I fell in love with the adorableness that is Sex Nerd Sandra many months, make that at least a year ago, at the Pleasure Chest in LA. In the past two years she’s come far (and come a lot, buh-duh-bump), and this sexy nerd is heading for the big time, I’m talking big, huge, throbbing time, no not really, I’m talking this girl is going to help take sex talk (even more!) mainstream. She’s about to start her own podcast for nerdist (I know it will be rad) and her writing is intelligent and full of the type of words that make you giggle. I feel like we’re on the same page in a lot of ways, and after talking with Sandra, I can happily declare “I’m a sex nerd too!”

We chat about what we both love to talk about most (sex!) as well as delve into masturbation (pillow humping!), sex nerdism, polyamory, and the clitoris. I promise you won’t want to miss this musical-less, but jam-packed podcast.

Listen now: Nerding Out: Sex Style

See Sex Nerd Sandra next Tuesday at Sexy Tales and Other Intimate Acts

Buy Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships

Hot Sox: The Love Sex Connection

The lowdown on today’s Hot Sox Podcast:

Fifi’s arsenal of sex toys

The box above belongs to Hot Sox regular, Fifi Jingles. Fifi, a former sex industry PR person turned yoga instructor, uses some of these toys more often than others. Her favorite dildo is by Tantus, a silicone dildo and butt plug company specializing in toys like this and this. I LOVE the pure wand, the stainless steel barbell that’s shaped like a big nose ring (the tip of the red penis is pointed right at it). Anyway, the podcast isn’t mostly about sex toys, it’s not mainly about anything except everything to do with sex, well, not everything but different things. It’s about sex, and dating because those are two things both Fifi and I like to talk about. And since Hot Sox podcast is always on the move, today’s broadcast is live from Fifi’s bedroom. In The Love Sex Connection, we talk about our personal growth, needing verse wanting love, polyamory, masturbation and Fifi’s arsenal of sex toys. Plus, sage advice, honest conservation and a run down of something sexy to do in every month of 2011. I know you want to know more.

Listen to the podcast now: The Love Sex Connection and that’s not an itunes link because I learned how to link to it otherwise, so YaY! - so no more having to go through itunes to listen to me!

Hot Sox: Kenny G, Sex God?

Kenny G. The official music man of masturbation month.

The latest hot sox podcast is up and it’s all about Kenny G. Yep, Kenny G, the dude from the 80′s who’s still playing a mean sax and traveling the world making the ladies (and maybe the dudes too, who knows really?) swoon. Kenny G was all that jazz (he plays lots of sax) and still is, sort of. The man’s currently touring the globe and he looks damn good for Kenny G, or Michael Bolton - they do sort of look alike. His music is along the same lines as Air Supply or REO Speedwagon, only without the words.

And even though he has helped many a man, lesbian, and even Ian Denchasy of freddyandeddy get laid, it’s still hard to think of Kenny G as a sex god. Or is it?

Listen to the latest hot sox podcast and find out!

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