Hot Sox: The Love Sex Connection

The lowdown on today’s Hot Sox Podcast:

Fifi’s arsenal of sex toys

The box above belongs to Hot Sox regular, Fifi Jingles. Fifi, a former sex industry PR person turned yoga instructor, uses some of these toys more often than others. Her favorite dildo is by Tantus, a silicone dildo and butt plug company specializing in toys like this and this. I LOVE the pure wand, the stainless steel barbell that’s shaped like a big nose ring (the tip of the red penis is pointed right at it). Anyway, the podcast isn’t mostly about sex toys, it’s not mainly about anything except everything to do with sex, well, not everything but different things. It’s about sex, and dating because those are two things both Fifi and I like to talk about. And since Hot Sox podcast is always on the move, today’s broadcast is live from Fifi’s bedroom. In The Love Sex Connection, we talk about our personal growth, needing verse wanting love, polyamory, masturbation and Fifi’s arsenal of sex toys. Plus, sage advice, honest conservation and a run down of something sexy to do in every month of 2011. I know you want to know more.

Listen to the podcast now: The Love Sex Connection and that’s not an itunes link because I learned how to link to it otherwise, so YaY! - so no more having to go through itunes to listen to me!