Hot Sox: Kenny G, Sex God?

Kenny G. The official music man of masturbation month.

The latest hot sox podcast is up and it’s all about Kenny G. Yep, Kenny G, the dude from the 80′s who’s still playing a mean sax and traveling the world making the ladies (and maybe the dudes too, who knows really?) swoon. Kenny G was all that jazz (he plays lots of sax) and still is, sort of. The man’s currently touring the globe and he looks damn good for Kenny G, or Michael Bolton - they do sort of look alike. His music is along the same lines as Air Supply or REO Speedwagon, only without the words.

And even though he has helped many a man, lesbian, and even Ian Denchasy of freddyandeddy get laid, it’s still hard to think of Kenny G as a sex god. Or is it?

Listen to the latest hot sox podcast and find out!