Hot Sox Podcast: Em & Lo’s 150 Shades of Play


Stating the obvious: It’s been a long time since my last Hot Sox Podcast, but nothing lights a fire under my ass like a fire, or a funny, sex book on kink.

And that’s exactly how it happened (the funny sex book, not the fire).

Written by two of my favorite sex writers and the self-proclaimed “Emily Posts of the modern bedroom,” Em & Lo‘s latest book 150 Shades of Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink had me laughing out REALLY LOUD.  So much so that I thought, I have to talk to this dynamic duo (it had been years, and many cities since we last spoke).

Em and Lo aren’t claiming that they’re all that kinky themselves, which makes the book (and the podcast) feel so much more accessible to the masses. If you’re looking for ways to explore your love…long time, you can kink it up with their suggestions from 50 Shades of Grey and beyond. It’s a great resource for people who want quick kink at the tip-o-your-fingers type list of things to try.

Learn about adult babies, rope bondage and human furniture in their latest book, 150 Shades of Play: A Beginner’s Guide to Kink.

We talk about it all here, and now. Just in time for Valentines Day -

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Hot Sox: Healing Painful Sex

Finally, The Hot Sox podcast is back. Nancy Fish Braverman, co-author of the groundbreaking book,Healing Painful Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain, talks with me about the startling statistics surrounding women and genital pain. From her own journey, to the types of female sexual pain, Nancy talks about why she felt it necessary to write a book on a topic that most women, and men, know nothing about. More common than cancer, if you suffer from vaginal pain, pelvic pain, clitoral pain or discomfort, or know someone who does, you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Hot Sox: My Kinky Intern

photo credit: Katie Hogan

Please posting delay, this went up last week on itunes. It’s the latest Hot Sox podcast! Featuring domination, submission and cock and ball torture, oh my! Meet my new intern - professional dominatrix and writer Tizzy Wall and listen to her wax poetic about being a mistress, slut shaming, ball parachutes and what red, yellow and green mean when it comes to playing kinky.

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You can also watch my review of the cock-lock, aka the CB-6000.

Hot Sox: The Ultimate Gentleman Experience

Nick and Ash. Just a few of Garren James Cowboys4Angels

In this week’s Hot Sox podcast, I talk with Garren James, the CEO of Cowboys4Angels, a male escort service catering to straight women who are looking for a no BS way of enjoying the company of a fine man. The site doesn’t offer sex as a service, but it’s uhm….not unlikely that his men can’t service you (like the double negatives). This goes for women and couples into cuckolding. Or even couples not into cuckolding. The point is, Garren James is a businessman providing the ultimate gentleman experience. Hear how Tyra Banks helped make him who he is today, and why ladies love him…and his cowboys.

Just a gigolo? Oh no…

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Watch Garren on the Tyra Banks Show here.


Hot Sox: The Unsexy Podcast

me and ian. ian and alicia.

I realize that the title of my latest podcast (a podcast that consists of me talking with myself and then skyping with my friend and fellow podcast maker, Ian Denchasy) is totally unsexy to a lot of people. It’s called Marriage, Love, Babies and Mating. And even though I want these things - although marriage I can live without, unless it’s understood to be a business - I’m not a big fan of the title. But I’m lazy today so, it’s staying. (Actually, I’m not lazy, I just don’t care that much).  I think Ian’s views on marriage are really interesting. And after having been married 23 plus years, the best part of this podcast is what he has to say. So listen for that, and forgive me and my unsexy title.

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Hot Sox: Rachel Kramer Bussel and Me

cupcake photo: Trophy Cupcakes

This week’s Hot Sox Podcast is about erotica, bisexuality, hotel sex, wedding registries, babies, spanking, hoarding, Steve Jobs, Monica Lewinsky, cupcakes and anything else I could cram into one hour of hot sox. After spending a few days with Rachel Kramer Bussel in my new home in San Francisco, I can attest to the fact that it’s easy fall in love with Rachel and her writing. For starters, she’s super smart and sort of shy. She’s also a giver - the huge heart kind - and sweet-o-licious, like the cupcakes that she so generously dishes out to friends and fans alike.

On top of that, she’s one heck of a prolific erotic writer. At the end of this year, she’ll have edited 50 erotica anthologies, and she’s got a head full of ideas to boot (I’m exhausted just thinking about it). While you own’t be exhausted listening to us chat about our lives - both our sex and our singlehood - you may become inspired. So buy her latest compilations - Best Sex Writing 2012 and Curvy Girls and pre-order her newest hotel sex anthology, Suite Encounters, and Going Down: Oral Sex Stories.

Listen to the podcast via itunes or on my site and visit Rachel’s blog too.

Hot Sox: Confessions of a Pick Up Artist Chaser

It’s a special late night edition of Hot Sox on Sunday.

Feminist writer Clarisse Thorn gets into The Game and dissects the men of the PUAC (that’s pickup artist community) in her book, “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser: Long Interviews with Hideous Men.” She also talks with me about BDSM, why it took her so long to get into polyamory, and what it’s like to get picked up by a pickup artist.

Buy the book at amazon or at smashwords (there’s a special discount code at the end of the program).

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Hot Sox: Sexy Storytelling

ReidaboutSex before this week’s Bawdy. The story whisperer - Dixie DLT (Photo Credit: Shilo McCabe)

This week’s Hot Sox podcast is like the Moth, for pervs. And at the end of the podcast, listen to the story I told at last week’s Oakland Bawdy Storytelling show. All thanks to doing this podcast!

In this week’s Hot Sox podcast, join the storytelling seductress behind Bawdy Storytelling, Dixie De La Tour, as she shares tales of cougars, power exchange, orgies, anonymous sex, getting laid on craigslist and losing her virginity. I know I can’t stop listening as Dixie weaves true tales, including one of a woman who gets fucked into her new body, why she began offering blow job advice in high school and how to get laid on craigslist. I also tell her about my grade school’s so called virginity test.

Listen via itunes or here (via my site). And I know it’s a little echo-y. I promise now that I’m regularly podcasting, I’ll improve my sound and recording very, berry soon.

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Hot Sox: San Francisco’s Sluttiest Blogger

Photo Credit: JuliaOTestPhotography

In this week’s Hot Sox Podcast I talk to the sluttiest blogger in San Francisco, Vanessa Pinto, aka Fleur de Lis. For one whole year Vanessa gave herself permission to try anything for eroticism’s sake.  We discuss her adventures including group sex, being buried in a coffin and what happened when her boss found out she was SF’s sluttiest blogger. Plus, the Easter Orgy at, porn performers and public disgrace. You can read all about her at her blog, Whatever You Desire, and of course, hear more about her on this week’s Hot Sox Podcast!

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Hot Sox: Sex, Feminism and Porn

In this week’s Hot Sox Podcast I talk with Tess Danesi and Dee “Diva” Dennis about Momentum — their cutting edge conference on sex, feminism and relationships. I’ve known both of these sexy mamas (they are both mothers too) for a number of years and together, and apart, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their current project, Momentum, has a stellar line up and it’s happening in just few weeks in Washington DC. Be there if you can…and if you can’t, you can still listen to our podcast. We skyped down (since we didn’t sit down) to discuss sex, education, motherhood, masturbation, consent, pornography, golden lassos and community.

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