Hot Sox: Sex and Aging

This week’s Hot Sox Podcast features pro-aging sexpert, Joan Price, whose recent book Naked At Our Age discusses a myriad of subjects including “elder sex,” sex after death, cancer, online dating, viagra, erectile dysfunction and what to do when a woman loses her sex drive after menopause (this is quite common apparently). We discuss these subjects and more, like sex toys and communication because Joan is a wealth of information about sex and aging. Plus, for those things she doesn’t know, she finds the sex educators who do.
We both get teary-eyed as we man who had the biggest impact on her life so far, that’s the love of her life Robert, who passed away three years ago from cancer. While it took Joan over a year after his death to finish this book, it’s a testament to healing. Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex (Seal) is a book for anyone who hopes, and plans, to get old. It’s not just for people who are.

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