CB-6000:Cock Lock

This is the first sex product review that in order to provide full disclosure I will say I haven’t used yet, and even if I had, it’s actually not something I could use, not having a penis and all. But it’s something that I think, while not necessarily a “toy,” can be a great tool for foreplay, mind games, hot sex and the like, and something I hope to use with a loving, trusting partner sometime in the next year of my life. It’s the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device.

The CB-6000 is a cock lock, the kind of thing he wears on his penis so that he can’t get an erection and break free and hump the world. It’s the kind of product he has to have trust in, because he has to know where/who has the lock so he can get out, but he also has to believe that whomever he trusts is going to let him out of the cock lock eventually. That’s after he finds the perfect fit so that he can’t rise to any occasion.

The couple pushing the product this summer said that the penis in the relationship sometimes stays in the lock for a few days straight, especially when they’re at a conference pushing the product. You can shower in it (it’s plastic) and pee through it, so there’s really no need to take it off if he gets off wearing it.

They gave me the camouflage one to take home, and one day use, because it’s my favorite of the lot, but there are definitely other colors, and materials, to choose from. You can see what I’m talking about, and hear how you can even go through a metal detector while wearing the CB-6000, a new way to look at foreplay, by watching me now:

Buy now: The CB-6000

Astroglide (Naturally) & Lelo Luna Beads

This week on Toying with Tuesday, I’m reviewing Lelo‘s Luna Beads, a fun way to remember to practice sexual health and pleasure at the same time. To more easily slide the beads to their desired locale (in the vagina), I served myself up with a handy helping of Astroglide Natural. I’m a big fan of the pelvic floor (yay, pelvic floor, thanks for holding us all in place) and the exercises associated with strengthening the muscles that surround the vagina, urethra, bladder and anus (on guys, it supports the penis and the rest of the package). I once made a short video about exercising your pelvic floor muscles and I know that my own orgasms have changed for the better as a result of regular pelvic floor exercises.

So, that’s why I will always love the Luna Beads and other products geared towards strengthening the vagina (it is a muscle, use it or lose it). When inserted along with lube it makes for two great tastes that taste great together, even if Astroglide’s Natural lubricant doesn’t taste - or smell - all that natural. Oh well. It still worked.

Watch the review:

Sex PR: The Butt

This week’s sex product review isn’t a toy per se (although there is a Spareparts HardWear Harness in the review for a minute), today I, sex educator JamYe WaXman review the butt. I prefer the word ass honestly, but whatever word you like for your rear, I hope you like (and love) your bum a lot.

SPR: Screaming O Vibrating Ring

This week’s sex product review is the very basic Screaming O disposable vibrating ring. Designed to be worn on a penis, it can also be used with a dildo, another extremity, or other sex toys. The Screaming O vibrating ring is an easy introduction into the world of love rings, or as they’re more likely called, cock rings. So what is a cock ring? Watch the review and find out.

Website: www.thescreamingo.com

The G-ki. Hells yeah the G-spot exists.

For some reason, filming in certain areas of my, uhm, “set” makes thing very yellow, as you will see in the video below:

While recent research out of England claims the G-spot doesn’t exist, those of us who don’t believe the research can play with another recent “study” out of England that’s designed to help you enjoy G-spot stimulation. It’s the G-ki by JeJoue.

NOTE: Just realized that this toy is not available yet (doh!), but you can pre-order it here, and as soon as it’s available everywhere, I’ll link to it, k?

I didn’t edit the video. So for no editing, what do you think? Would you try the G-ki?

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