Vibrators 101

If you’ve never bought a vibe before, or even if you have, you can get a brief intro to the vibrator in this piece from Cherry TV. Basically, if you want to get a vibe, whether it be your first or well, not your first, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t spend a lot (under $50), and I’d go for something hard and plastic. I think hard plastic has the strongest vibration, or at least the possibility for strong vibration, whereas a lot of softer vibes never produce enough power. Of course if you don’t want a lot of power, you don’t need to go hard and plastic, but I like being able to play with power. Know what I mean?

One other note: If you just watched the above video, or if you’re about to, I ask you to forgive my long pauses. I was hoping they’d be edited out, but they obviously weren’t. Sometimes I just talked too long without taking a break, and I simply needed to spit or swallow my spit, and without edits, the “natural” sound of a pause (while I swallow) is what you get. I think lots of us have had this dilemma before (to spit or swallow), only not necessarily while being filmed for the interweb.

Tune in next Tuesday for another tip, technique or teachable moment, cause I’m trying to actually get myself on a schedule, so you know what you’ll get on this blog every time you check me out. And that means Tuesday is Tip Tuesday. Are you as excited as I am?