50 Reasons to Masturbate


We’re full swing into Masturbation May, and as a self-love enthusiast, and the author of Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation, I present you with 50 reasons to rub the nub, beat the meat, polish the pearl or spank the monkey.

  1. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anybody else? And how can anybody else know how to love you?
  2. Once you know what turns you on, you can show others how to do it too.
  3. “Masturbation is sex with someone you love.” – Woody Allen
  4. One of the best dances is the rock around the clit. The most popular spots are 2 and 10:00.
  5. Masturbation is fun.
  6. Masturbating before sex can help him last longer during intercourse.
  7. Masturbation releases oxytocin and this makes you sleepy. If you’re trying to fall asleep, that’s a good thing.
  8. Endorphins! Endorphins! Endorphins! Just saying it makes me feel good.
  9. Masturbation is cheaper than 18 years of child support, meaning nobody gets pregnant.
  10. A first orgasm makes it easier to have more orgasms!

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Mother F*&kers

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day, here’s a reminder that not all mothers want a good pampering, some want a good pounding!


This Sunday you get to show your lover that she’s the best! mom! ever! Whether she’s the mother of your children, or the mother of a cat, dog or pet turtle, it’s her partner’s responsibility to make her feel appreciated. So, what can you do for your hot baby mama?

There are lots of sexy ways to celebrate the mother of your children, or, as a single mother, there are a myriad of ways you can celebrate yourself (it is Masturbation May after all). And yes, these are very different than the ways you will celebrate your mother – we’ll leave it to your dad to read this and figure out that sex stuff. That being said, not all mothers want pampering, some want a good pounding. Maybe she wants both, but when it comes to the good pounding, remember that mothers spend a lot of time using their bodies to lift children, pick up toys, clean, cook and break up fights. So, even during a good pounding, it’s important that she be relaxed and comfortable. While woman on top gives a lady a sense of control, pounding her on Mother’s Day is about letting her lose control…read more


Female Ejaculation

“Whether you’ve seen it in porn, or heard about it from friends, or maybe because she’s like what-the-heck-just happened to my body, I swear I didn’t mean to pee on the bed, female ejaculation is one of those sex topics that people all over the interwebs are often gushing about (and one of the most popular questions I get at AskJamye). Whether it’s because she can’t understand how it happens, because he’s trying to figure why, or because she’s trying to determine if it really is an orgasm, when it comes to those of us curious about sex, we are often intrigued, excited, or embarrassed by squirting.”

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Come Together..Right Now

What’s your definition of great sex?” I asked a former roommate of mine. “Having an orgasm at the same time as my partner,” he replied. As someone who doesn’t simultaneously orgasm often (if ever), I hadn’t expected that answer, let alone given much thought to the subject of the two-for-one orgasm.

Of course, it’s not like you just start having sex and then wham, bam, thank you man/ ma’am, you squeak out a simultaneous orgasm. Especially since, for most women, it seems as elusive as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. As one friend said regarding the subject, “that exists?” and another friend added, “I’ll let you know when it happens. I have sex a lot, and it has happened about once, on accident. No special allure.”

Dubbed a Wegasm by condom maker Durex, the synchronized, simultaneous orgasm does indeed exist, and membership has its privileges. According to a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, synchronized orgasms are responsible for stronger relationships and a rosier picture of this thing called life. And once you achieve a simultaneous orgasm, it can feel as personally gratifying as say, finishing a marathon, or learning to play the didgeridoo. But, just like those activities, it’s going to take practice, patience and training.

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