So Last Week 188

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, the Pope puts out (more about his feelings on gay marriage), sex at google, Tristan Taormino on condom-only porn and the ball cutter. It’s all so last week.

  • The Pope talks gay marriage, abortion and contraception and calls church a “home for all,” not a small chapel. (NYTimes)
  • Google sex. (BusinessInsider)
  • Meet Dr. Susan Robinson. She’s one of the last four remaining doctors providing third trimester abortions. (TheHairpin)
  • The openly gay liberal lawmaker Carl M. Sciortino, Jr. and his Tea Party loving dad and the political ad that stole my heart. (Gawker)
  • YES! Tristan Taormino explains why she will now shoot condom only porn. (PuckerUp)
  • After she committed suicide, people are stunned to find a dead girl’s photo in a dating ad. Facebook apologizes. (VancouverSun)
  • Dreams, Abraham Lincoln and why you need a vibrator. (Broadcast)
  • Adventures in manscaping. Otherwise known as “ouch”. (GoodMenProject)
  • Random man cuts off balls, runs into a church and then delays a wedding. (BrentwoodWeeklyNews)
  • A naked haunted house comes to Sinking Spring, PA. (981TheHawk)