Mother F*&kers

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day, here’s a reminder that not all mothers want a good pampering, some want a good pounding!


This Sunday you get to show your lover that she’s the best! mom! ever! Whether she’s the mother of your children, or the mother of a cat, dog or pet turtle, it’s her partner’s responsibility to make her feel appreciated. So, what can you do for your hot baby mama?

There are lots of sexy ways to celebrate the mother of your children, or, as a single mother, there are a myriad of ways you can celebrate yourself (it is Masturbation May after all). And yes, these are very different than the ways you will celebrate your mother – we’ll leave it to your dad to read this and figure out that sex stuff. That being said, not all mothers want pampering, some want a good pounding. Maybe she wants both, but when it comes to the good pounding, remember that mothers spend a lot of time using their bodies to lift children, pick up toys, clean, cook and break up fights. So, even during a good pounding, it’s important that she be relaxed and comfortable. While woman on top gives a lady a sense of control, pounding her on Mother’s Day is about letting her lose control…read more