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Thursday, March 24 2011

Sex Advice: WWJD?

Today’s question comes from me, and I answer myself. The truth is, I could use your advice too, so feel free to chime in. All names, with the exception of mine, have been deleted or changed, despite the fact that I’m not sure who is real and who is fictitious.

Photo credit: Ellen Stagg

Question: A totally random stranger watches my videos on Cherry TV and then asks me to make her a private video. She says she’s never been good at blow jobs and that money’s no object. She wants a video of me deep throating, and in lieu of a video I suggest talking with her via skype. I think about doing it, she’s very persistent. She wants me to use a dildo in the video, I suggest a banana. I get cold feet. I tell her again, I prefer to do a private session in which we can interact and ask if we can talk on the phone first. She says she can’t use the phone because the house is so small and her husband can hear everything. She says she’s hard of hearing and reads lips better than speaks on the phone. She can instant message. I tell her there are other videos out there that can help her and she say’s that I’d help her best.

Then, when she who’s supposedly so nervous abou doing something like this, or is it excited?, tells me that she can borrow her brother’s credit card to pay me, and also writes “it’s kinda the same way i tend to laugh when someone says penis or vagina instead of cock/dick or pussy,” my intuition kicks in (again). I begin to doubt who she says she is, and think perhaps she’s a dude who wants to get off to my mouth and my voice. But, what if she’s a really excited homemaker who thinks so highly of me?What would you do? Would you make her your own private video?

Answer: I’ve been wavering on this one for quite a few weeks. Can you go first?

I’ll show you mine, if  you show me yours.

Mine’s after the jump.

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