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Monday, March 7 2011

So Last Week .70

In this week’s SLW: Sex News You May Have Missed, there’s a lot of college sex to talk about - from getting suspended for having it (BYU), real-live sex demos (Northwestern), masturbation posters (Skidmore) and gender-neutral housing (Rutgers). But first, the best piece of the week is The Hairpin’s ask an abortion provider. Poignant, funny and honest, I couldn’t stop reading.

  • MUST READ: Ask an abortion provider. (TheHairpin)
  • The new technology of creepiness: Online ways to date, stalk, home-wreck and cheat. (FastCompany)
  • Love and money. Why sex and development are not strange bedfellows. (PovertyMatters)
  • The one Charlie Sheen piece you should read. (NYT)
  • Brigham Young Basketball star Brandon Davies suspended for breaking the “live a chaste and virtuous life” clause at school by sleeping with his girlfriend. (WashPost)
  • Real! Live! Sex! Act! at Northwestern University. Vibrators, exhibitionists and the point being…(ChicagoTribune)
  • At Skidmore College, the racy restroom reader “your-body-is-a-wonderland” encourages masturbation (yay!) and raises eyebrows (boo!). (TimesUnion)
  • Tyler Clementi’s suicide prompts gender-neutral dorms at Rutgers. (DNAinfo)
  • A list of studies that point to the benefits of having sex. (VancouverSun)
  • The sex shop tycoon, the nanny and the poisoned soup. (Crimesider)

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