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Monday, March 14 2011

So Last Week .71

This week’s SLW, Sex News You May Have Missed includes thoughts on power, race and college sex classes, the kabosh on marriage equality in Maryland and unprotected texts - what the Bible says about sex.

  • (More and Important) Thoughts on a Campus Dildo Controversy. (About)
  • Maryland and same-sex marriage. Waaazzzupppppp? (WashPost)
  • Unprotected Texts: The Bible on Sex and Marriage. (FreshAir)
  • Does love have an expiration date? Meet the three-year glitch. (Salon)
  • Women Post Photos on Facebook to Boost Self-Worth, Study Suggests. (HuffPost)
  • Monica Lewinsky, still secretly hoping to be Monica Clinton? (DailyMail)
  • Are C-Sections numbing the natural birth process and killing the connection between mother and child? (DailyMomtra)
  • Red Riding Hood. The red cloak, the wolf, the sensual undertones…what was she really up to on her way to Grandmother’s house? (Movieline)
  • Why human penises don’t have nubs. (Sexis)
  • American Apparel staffer say job requirements included sex slave. (VillageVoice)

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