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Thursday, March 3 2011

Sex Advice: Large Penis, Large Load

Photo Credit: iammeltron

Question: I am a well-endowed guy, though most of my hook ups/casual lovers can work with it (plus I am patient). The real trouble is when I cum. I happen to have a very large load. I even consulted my doctor and he said, “That’s just how you are.” So, some girls like it, but many don’t want to/can’t deal with it. It’s tough to express how big, but it’s VERY large, so it can be much for a girl when she’s going down on me. So, how can I make the situation better - make it more manageable for her, pleasurable, etc? Any advice is appreciated!

Answer: I understand that this can be a problem for women and that it must be frustrating, but the truth is, you should tell them straight out “what the deal is, yo.” In all seriousness, say something like, “hey, when I come, I come a lot and I just wanted to let you know, since this is the first time we’re hooking up. So, it’s cool if I come somewhere outside of your mouth (and safer too). I can come on myself, on the sheets, on your chest, belly, back…” - you get the idea.

Being honest about your large load may alarm some women, but it can also be a real turn on for someone who’s already turned on by being with you. And then when she’s not taken by surprise, she’ll likely appreciate your large load and your honesty.

One other thing about going down on you. Are there parts of your penis that are more sensitive? Like the frenulum or towards the base? If a girl’s having difficulty, or looks like she’s not enjoying giving you head, then offer her advice to help increase the mutual pleasure. Whether it’s using two hands, or telling her about your favorite penis pleasure point, knowing what you want, and asking for it, can really get a girl wet. Be gentle, but direct. Find ways to help her relax and she’ll be able to take more of you in. Tell her how sexy her mouth is. Use aural foreplay for oral foreplay. And play with her hair, rub her hair when she’s going down on you for encouragement, but don’t shove her down on you either. You can also have her start by sucking on your flaccid, or half-wood dick before you get fully erect. After she’s got you in her jaws, encourage her with words and touch.

As long as what she’s doing, and you’re doing, feel good for both of you, keep going. When you feel you’re getting ready to go from suck to blow, warn her you’re coming, and see where that goes.

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