So Last Week 182

In this week’s sex in the news, a gay couple gets Rosa Park-ed on a bus. Sex objects. Google Glass Porn. Gay Muslims in Turkey and is sex with a robot considered cheating? It’s all so last week.

  • Gay couple asked to sit in back of bus gets an apology. (NPR)
  • Are you your own sex object? (PsychologyToday)
  • James Deen makes first-ever Google glass porn. (Motherboard.Vice)
  • Gay Muslims in Turkey. Torn between religion and sexuality. (TheSunDaily)
  • If you had sex with a robot, would that be cheating? (SmithsonianMag)
  • Swedish male swimmers warned to cover their penises. (CNN)
  • Hugo Schwyzer decides he’s done navigating porn. (MercuryNews)
  • Two mile high club members go too far. (TheSmokingGun)
  • What do the Sopranos, Tristan Taormino and Toni Bentley have in common? (GVBlog)
  • Dude who stole a computer gets busted over porn filter. (KRMG)
  • A dating website for gluten free singles. (Geekologie)
  • No Messiah for you. (AATTP)