So Last Week 183

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, California passes a law for transgender students and Germany acknowledges a third gender for newborns. One woman’s story about what happens when her parents choose her partner. Plus, a father’s “fucking awesome” letter to his daughter and the sexiest ad for testicular cancer…ever! It’s all so last week.

  • California passes historic law for transgender students. (ABCNews)
  • Germany becomes the first country to implement third gender birth certificates. (RT)
  • A Warning from 1890: Sex Scandals Make Us Stupid. (TheAtlantic)
  • Lessons learned when it’s all over. (NYT)
  • An arranged marriage and all the thinking that comes with it. (Slate)
  • Instead of opting out of marriage, innovate it. (FastCompany)
  • Does Fifty Shades of Grey perpetuate abusive relationships? (TheFrisky)
  • Colbert introduces you to Johnny Cummings, the gay mayor of Vicco, Kentucky. (HuffPo)
  • knows how to make men touch themselves. (AdsoftheWorld)
  • G.I. Joe’s secret past. (TomDispatch)
  • Dear Daughter: I hope you have some fucking awesome sex. (theferrett)
  • Why we’re still together after 25 years. (FreddyandEddy)
  • Linda Lovelace is not a porn star. (Slate)
  • Six toxic relationship habits most people thing are normal. (MarkManson)