Hot Sox: The Unsexy Podcast

me and ian. ian and alicia.

I realize that the title of my latest podcast (a podcast that consists of me talking with myself and then skyping with my friend and fellow podcast maker, Ian Denchasy) is totally unsexy to a lot of people. It’s called Marriage, Love, Babies and Mating. And even though I want these things - although marriage I can live without, unless it’s understood to be a business - I’m not a big fan of the title. But I’m lazy today so, it’s staying. (Actually, I’m not lazy, I just don’t care that much).  I think Ian’s views on marriage are really interesting. And after having been married 23 plus years, the best part of this podcast is what he has to say. So listen for that, and forgive me and my unsexy title.

Listen on my site here or via itunes.