so last week .12

I’m back from the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas where  ”what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is apropos because I’m too tired to remember. At least I’ve got video (more to come btw) to prove that I was there. And while I was there, here are some stories from here, there and everywhere.
  • Hey Fattie, you can’t date this. (CNN)
  • Porn-for-Profit isn’t turning tricks like it used to. Here are the biggest reasons why. (TheDailyBeast)
  • If you are still paying for porn, here are porn starlets to pay-to-watch in 2010. (XCritic)
  • Newark airport sealed (off) by a kiss. (Asylum)
  • Underground and underwear. NYC subways gets its panties in a bunch. Panty fetishists and curious onlookers unite.  (Salon) *for more footage and video click here too
  • The bi-curious side of Tiger Woods. More reports about the little head that fueled the big explosion. (9News)
  • Letterman’s transgender joke wasn’t very funny now, was it? (CarnalNation)
  • Vulva-licious. The Frisky explores ten of the most unique, and talented, vaginas. (TheFrisky)