So Last Week 172

In this week’s sex news you may have missed, is infidelity awful? So not going to happen: Abortion in El Salvador. Michael Douglas, throat cancer and HPV. Angelina Jolie’s ovaries are gone, but it’s her boobs that steal the show. Facebook. Feminist porn and could condoms change the world? It’s all so last week.

  • How marital infidelity became America’s last sexual taboo. (TheAtlantic)
  • Yes, there are still places like El Salvador where abortion isn’t legal. Even in cases of life and death. (BBC)
  • Kinky people are more mentally sane. (i09)
  • Michael Douglas says oral sex caused his cancer. (Guardian)
  • Spared death but aging with H.I.V. is still a struggle to live (NYTimes)
  • A gender studies professor ponders why, when her daughter takes a girl to the prom, she feels conflicted. (WashingtonPost)
  • The ‘science’ of gender roles. (Maddowblog)
  • Could condoms change the world? (CNN)
  • Angelina Jolie didn’t just get her breasts removed, but somehow, and once again, the ovaries stayed silent. (DailyDose)
  • Cosmo does feminist porn. (Cosmopolitan)
  • A feminist, stay at home dad confesses his erotic thoughts about women on the street. (Slate)
  • Facebook moderates violent content, but only because it has to. (Guardian)
  • Confession scars: Breast cancer meets bad assery. (
  • Dead in my life verses dead in real life. (ShesAllWrite)
  • Take a guess: Who’s the most powerful person in porn? (FoxNews)
  • Friend of a friend matchmaking. Go, Sofi, go! (TorontoStandard)