Tools of the Trade: Sasi

Originally published in Xbiz, here’s my review of Babeland’s Sasi.

If you like your sex toys as smart, or possibly smarter, than your sex partners, the Sasi is the latest in intellectual, and erotic, stimulation.  Like it’s predecessor the Je Joue, the Sasi moves in ways no other vibrator can. It dances circles around your clit, or it can spend time on the left upper quadrant alone. And, it goes up and down with more fluidity than most of the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.

While Sasi may get you off quickly, it’s definitely meant to be enjoyed leisurely. It’s not the vibe I’d go to when I just want to have a quick orgasm. The vibration is an option, but not necessary to get the feel of a good lover’s tongue, and it’s nowhere near as intense as the Hitachi Magic Wand. If you don’t like a movement, you can teach the Sasi to skip it, because yes, this toy is smart enough to learn. If you like something that your Sasi is doing, you can hit the power button once (when the toy is on it becomes the “don’t stop” button) and Sasi will remember what you likey, likey and make you keep getting more of it. Plus it’s rechargeable, you can change the faceplate (for the fashion conscious out there) and the silicone sleeve is easy to remove and wash.

Truth is, I need more time with this toy. I like what it does because nothing else like it exists, but with a hefty price tag ($185) you can always find a cheaper date to give you cunnilingus. The question remains - do you want to have to make small talk?