A stroke (of bad luck) during sex

Image by Sunniako

Today’s “tip tuesday” is just a reminder that sometimes an orgasm, isn’t an orgasm, isn’t an orgasm.

A 35 year-old woman in Illinois was recently the victim of an orgasm-induced stroke. Apparently she’s doing alright these days, but she waited a long time to get her blissed-out ass to the hospital, causing a lot more commotion than originally necessary.

How can you determine if the orgasm that should feel oh, so good, actually feels oh, so wrong? Let’s start with the happy signs of an orgasm? Some of the more obvious ones include toes curling, a change in breathing, a flushed face, dilated pupils (you can see this in a person who keeps his or her eyes open when they come), an arched back and lots of “Oh babies,” or maybe even the more obvious, “Don’t stop I’m going to come.”

If, however, you experience things like slurred speech, a sudden lack of consciousness or numbness in any extremity, or on one side of the body, you may want to think twice about coming, and instead go… to the hospital..call 911 - whatever comes first.

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV - so if you want to read more on the strokegasm, I’m happy to refer you here (CBS News) or here (Amateur Scientist).