Njoy’s Eleven: A Toy Review

I learned via Naked City, that the Njoy Eleven is finally for sale. I thought you could buy it for a while, since I reviewed it for Xbiz* a few months back but I guess you couldn’t. Regardless, now you can. So I figured I’d give you my review:

Njoy Toys motto should be “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Like Kathy Bates in Misery, I am a number one fan, and Njoy Toys has yet to disappoint me. Seriously, I’ve been touting the pleasures of the Pure Wand for as long as I’ve owned mine. Not only do I have great orgasms with the thing, but it makes me squirt almost every time. Now I can add a new notch to my belt, and a new toy to my box, because Njoy’s Eleven is another home run. It’s the hugest thing I’ve ever put inside of my pussy and I loved every big, fat inch of it (all eleven of them to be exact). Not only did I have a fantastic orgasm, but once again I came, I saw, I squirted.

It’s heavy, very heavy, as in 2 ¾ pounds of sexy stainless steel. Which means it’s not only a great sex toy, but it’s also a great workout. The diameter of the smaller end, 1 ¾ “ isn’t very small, and the ridges are a nice added touch. The large 2” end is so big that I seriously couldn’t fit it in my mouth (yes, I tried), and, trust me, I have a large oral cavity. I’m proud that I could take it all inside of me, even if I had to start slow (and with the smaller end) and use lots and lots of lube. This is not a toy for people afraid of size, no way, in fact it’s now sitting out on my dresser so I can bring to friends about how much I can handle. This toy laughs at little toys. It may even chew them up and eat them for dinner. But that’s okay. I’d understand. Because the Eleven is a serious toy for serious sex. It’s definitely the new king of my toy box. And yes, one could take it up the ass, but honestly, I’m not there yet.

*In case you were wondering - I review sex toys for Xbiz on a monthly basis. My “column” is called Tools of the Trade.