So Last Week 192

In this week’s Sex News You May Have Missed, masturbation: still more taboo than intercourse. New Jersey goes gay (marriage). Defining a new orientation to sex. Plus, killer whales go through menopause and giving new meaning to cock-a-doodle-doo, meet the Little Rooster vibrating panty alarm.

  • Masturbation. Still more shocking than sex. (Salon)
  • Gay marriage. Jersey style. (Slate)
  • Sex Appeal. Is it so wrong? (BBC)
  • We need a new orientation to sex. (HuffPo)
  • Killer whales. One of only three species found to go through menopause. (NationalGeographic)
  • Boys make up 50% of the children trading sex for money, so why is nobody talking about them? (Alternet)
  • “Son, it’s okay if you don’t get laid tonight.” (Angieup)
  • The alarm clock for women who want to get up by getting off. (DangerousMinds)
  • “Hot mom” defends herself against facebook haters. (Shine)
  • Birth in all of its primality. (DodsonandRoss)
  • How to tell the unconventional tales of conception. (Philly)
  • Grannies exchange sex tips online. (BusinessStandard)
  • Gender fluidity and transmen captured. (