So Last Week 193

In this week’s Sex News You May Have Missed, hairy chests and manhood. Jewish burlesque. How to talk with your parents about sex. Handmade sex toys and Jenna Jameson needs help. It’s all So Last Week.

  • Does hair (on the chest) make a man? (TheAtlantic)
  • Faith and sexuality: The Fine Jewish Art of Burlesque. (Forward)
  • 5 tips on how to stay fun and faithful. (ThoughtCatalog)
  • Finding love, the old, shallow way. (NYT)
  • Giving your parents the sex talk. (
  • Darth Vader Dildos. Pleasure stones. Bendable Glass. Meet the artisans selling handmade sex toys on Etsy. (NYMag)
  • How to dress for the second date when you plan to reveal you have HPV. (MarieClaire)
  • This guy is losing his virginity in public and it’s all for the sake of art (and gender double standards). (VICE)
  • The impact of porn on kids. (Philly)
  • Lotus births and uncut umbilical cords. (xojane)
  • Jenna Jameson totally out of it (and def. not hyped on sugar) in an interview for her new book, Sugar. Maybe it’s time for Dr. Drew? (FoxNews)
  • File under totally sad and completely incomprehensible. Oh, Dave Herman. (NYDailyNews)