“about” me

IMG_1208.jpg (me after reading Cory Silverberg’s kind words on about.com - okay, not really, but it looks like how I might have looked).

First things first - have you seen this SNL Video? It’s probably NSFW, but it’s totally hysterical. One question - how many boxes were harmed in the making of this video? And how would you feel about a gift like this? I think if my gift was from Mr. Timberlake I’d be psyched, but that’s because I’m beginning to feel the tinglings of a major crush on the former front man of a boy band. I know - how original, right? But seriously, the dude not only sings (albeit like Michael Jackson) and dances (albeit like Michael Jackson) but he also acts (not so much like Michael Jackson). And he’s funny (and not in that scary way like Michael Jackson is)! And good! And cute! And…well, not so much like Michael Jackson.

Now, on to other things…like Cory Silverberg.

Cory, will you marry me? (P.S. - Don’t tell my boyfriend I’ve asked).

Seriously, I don’t know what to say, except - well, only negative things about myself, so I won’t say anything, because then it will sound like I’m insecure and stupid.. so yeah, Wow!

I made about’s list of “Favorite Sex Blogs 2006.”

In case you don’t want to click on the link, or maybe just to feed my uhm, confidence..here’s what Cory had to say:

“I was only recently introduced to sex educator and sex writer Jamye Waxman’s blog, but I’ve fallen in love with her personal, earnest and inquisitive sex positive style. People who end up making a living by writing about sex often create an elaborate on line personae that, when read over time, can wear thin. Whether it’s really her or not, reading Jamye’s blog feels like having a conversation with a real person, only the subject matter is always sex.”

Like I said, blown away.

And now that I’ve been blown away, let me just say that I know, and or read, most of the other bloggers Cory’s nominated and they all totally rock and roll. But if you’ve read my blog before then you already know that I know them, and if you haven’t then you’ll click on some other links and realize that we all know each other. Which is the interesting thing about being sex positive in New York City, or anywhere else. The community here is not as small as it once was, but not as large as say California, and although there it seems like everyone knows what it means to be transitioning, it’s totally not true, and still less true here in New York.

So that post got me on one of my “I’m going to do it this year” thought tangents, only this year is the year. And that post got me thinking how I’m not going to have to do it alone, because I have a totally rockin’ community of sex positive people who are absolutely doing it also.

For me though this year is all about becoming more. Which doesn’t necessarily mean bigger or better, it just means more. And I think more is something only I’ll know when I feel, and feel when I know. And in order for me to do more, I have to actually finish the beginnings of a number of projects that will ultimately see fruition in the coming year. And keep my fingers crossed about other cool projects on the horizon.

And the first bits of the holidays are over - although New Years always seems to be the low when it comes to expectations. I love the rest of the season, but when it comes to New Years, I hype it up too much, and never have as good a time as I had planned. But other people think all the holidays suck (or are fab) and I know some friends that have a harder time dealing with the holidays than separating two fingers tthat have been Krazy Glued together (an almost as dangerous invention as the Hot Glue Gun, but not quite). Either way, they’re almost over..and then what do we have to look forward to but winter (yay, in that sarcastic sort of way).

But tomorrow will be interesting. I’m going to see my oldest best friend, we were inseparable throughout high school, and then we didn’t even talk at our high school reunion. And now, I’m going to meet her husband and baby and I haven’t really seen her in over ten years! And then in two days I’ll be in New Mexico, in a tiny town off the larger grid, spending days and nights with friends and my lover, and jumping in and out of hot springs (and other forms of trouble, but not trouble that involves sex in a hot spring, because if it’s anything like sex in a hot tub, count me out.) Still, celebrating New Years away from Times Square seems like the only way to go, and for that I’m looking forward to ringing it in.

So life is good. I’m happy. Sex is good. I’m happy. Cat is good. Well, except for the kidney failure, which doesn’t make me happy - I’m happy.

And happy is as happy does (sort of sounds like a Forest Gump saying), but I said it, I meant it and I’m here to represent it…and yes, I’ll grow up now (well, just for a second).