So Last Week 199

In this week’s So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed, the very current case around Bode Miller’s custody battle. Kate Moss gets naked. Women and promiscuity. The best and worst sex toys of 2013 and if size matters, meet the Unhung Hero.

  • Bode Miller and the scary truth about a pregnant woman’s rights. (RoleReboot)
  • Kate Moss in Playboy and def. NSFW. (TheFashionography)
  • Why women are more likely to be promiscuous. (Slate)
  • Hollywood and the C-word (that’s cunnilingus). (MsNaughty)
  • The best and worst sex toys of 2013 from the self-proclaimed pickiest sex toy reviewer…ever. (DangerousLilly)
  • The 24 hour porn site for women. (Co.Exist)
  • Unhung Hero. The latest cockumentary on penis size. (HuffPo)
  • Smarter people have more sex, do more drugs and stay up late. (EliteDaily)
  • Sexuality Videos You Should Watch, courtesy of Sunny Megatron‘s mind. (YouTube)
  • Oxford University female rugby players strip for charity. (MuscleandFitness)