So Last Week 200

In this week’s So Last Week: Sex News You May Have Missed, danger in the ring. Hot priests of the Vatican. Myths about pulling out and Beyoncé, still sexy after all these years.

  • Danger in the (nuva)ring. A must read for anyone thinking about, or on, this lethal contraceptive. (VanityFair)
  • The Vatican’s hottest priests pose for 2014. (InstinctMagazine)
  • Leaving the sex industry and losing your network. (Boinkology)
  • 5 myths about pulling out…busted. (Bedsider)
  • The top sexual health stories of 2013. (Everydayhealth)
  • The entrepreneur making condoms chic enough for women to buy. (Forbes)
  • Beyoncé: Sex, hype and the modern diva. (NeonTommy)
  • Beyoncé’s sexy album explained. (Cosmopolitan)
  • Still sexy after all these years. (CNN)
  • Surely, the craziest OK Cupid date ever. (Salon)
  • Milan removes the tree of pleasure from public view. (IBTimes)