So Last Week 197

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed, in defense of “rape” fantasies. Asshole licking. Why guys go to gynecologists. Plus, 10 penis facts and sexy South Korea.

  • In defense of “rape” fantasies. (Salon)
  • Can you lick my asshole? A tongue-in-cheek(s) article. Literally. (Playboy)
  • What? Why? Gynecologists can lose their licenses for treating male patients. (NYT)
  • The five parts of sex porn doesn’t prepare you for. (Cracked)
  • Are you penis savvy? 10 facts about the little guy. (TheQueerty)
  • Subjectified. A new documentary where women talk sex. (Cosmopolitan)
  • The ad that shows that girls just want to be girls who want to be well, whatever the heck they want to be. (AdWeek)
  • Jeju Loveland: The South Korea sexy park for show and tell. (Nymphobraniac)
  • Kinky craft weeks promotes more than D.I.Y. sex toys. (
  • Dating tips from male model Antonio Sabato Jr. (DailyTelegraph)
  • Not sex, but still sexy. If you have a hard on for Nikola Tesla (like I do) help my friend Brian make magic happen. (Indiegogo)