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Tuesday, August 16 2005

It’s always the same thing

It’s always about me…
speedlevitchtouraug05 012.jpg unless it’s about Pokey…(a memorial to Mr. Pokey 2001-2003)

At 8:30 this morning I realized that I was the victim of credit card fraud. It’s happened to me before, and I’m afraid it may happen to me again - well, not afraid in the oh, my goddess I’m scared to get out of bed because there’s a Chucky doll under my bed afraid - but afraid in the sense that it’s so common it could happen to anyone afraid. It always seems to happen to me as I’m about to embark on a vacation or something, and this time there is no exception. Hopefully I’ve planned well, and the fact that I may not have a debit card for the next few weeks won’t really be an issue. But whoever is using my card to watch “Live Naked Girls” from their home computer, will be sad when they log on today. Their account is officially closed, and so is use of my card.

Ha! Ha! Bastard…

Onto other news about me..although I really think I should learn to start writing news about other people…

I had a bit of a minor hypochondriac scare this past weekend. I’m a big hypo and when I feel pain and then find out that there could be a legitimate reason for my pain, my thoughts spiral out of control. I’ve been having this throbbing in my left calf for the past few weeks, and while I’ve been ignoring it, actually just thinking it was the product of some improper stretching, I decided to read the “cautionary warning” on my birth control pill instructions. It turns out that being on the pill can cause blot clots in the calf, another great reason for me to get off of it (something I’m thinking about doing, but for really stupid, selfish reasons don’t actually want to do)..and although anybody who talked to me on Sunday had to listen to me talking about my blood clot, I was still only partially convinced that I was dying.

Then on Monday when I got into work I googled “blood clot in the calf” and freaked myself out even more. Apparently another symptom of a blood clot is that one ankle is more swollen then the other - presumably the ankle with the clot - and wouldn’t you know it, but really, truly my left ankle was more swollen, tender and what one person referred to as “doughy.” So after seeing that additional symptom, I freaked out and headed straight to my doctor. She wasn’t convinced that it was or wasn’t a blood clot, and told me to go get a sonogram just to be sure - especially because I’m flying next week. And this morning, the sonogram doctor could see me and after he gelled my leg with warm blue stuff, I’ve discovered that I’m blood clot free!!! But he also suggested I wear support stockings when I fly. And now I know how to check for my own blood clots. Something any good hypochondriac should learn how to do..

I actually told myself last night that I didn’t have a blood clot. I also told myself I have to stop manifesting these sorts of things. I mean after all the brain isn’t only the most powerful sex organ, it’s the most powerful health organ as well.

Okay..so let’s talk about something other than me.



Still thinking…

Am I that narcisstic?

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