So Last Week 143

In this week’s sex news, The N.F.L. and G.A.Y. marriage. Why the sometimes-otherwise-seemingly-gross-things-you-do aren’t gross when you’re turned on. The Australian Sex Party takes on Google.  Plus, sex selection and more Vagina: A New Biography. It’s all so last week.

  • The N.F.L. and its image are altered by the support of gay marriage. (NYT)
  • Why sex doesn’t gross you out when you’re aroused. (TIME)
  • Should we be able to decide the sex of our embryos? (HuffPo)
  • No Sex Party please, we’re google. (SMH)
  • The real question of so last week: “Why, in a world where the two-lady threesome is held up as the epitome of male accomplishment, are more women not talking about doing it with two dudes?” (xojane)
  • File under D.U.H. - Couples with pre-marital doubts are more likely to end up divorced. (USAToday)
  • Who’s afraid of Vaginal Wolf? The negative buzz over Naomi Wolf’s new book Vagina: A New Biography is mostly coming from other vaginas. (NYObserver)
  • A love story in 22 pictures. Warning: If you tear up easily, grab kleenex. (Buzzfeed)
  • Lost in Translation. The director of the ill-fated Innocence of Muslims movie (the one that cause the embassy disaster in Libya and beyond) is also a softcore porn director. (Gawker)
  • Double standards suck. The secret to her success is the reason why Amy Poehler and Will Arnett split. At least that’s what Millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger has to say. (People)