So Last Week 142

Today’s sex news you may have missed spans a few weeks of news you have missed. The next sex news won’t be until after Labor Day, so I’ve made this extra long (and yes, it appears on a Thursday), for your reading enjoyment.

  • Neuroscience. Naomi Wolf. Vagina and the new sexual revolution. (TheGuardian)
  • Breastfeeding dad cannot join the La Leche Society as a lactation coach. (TheStar)
  • So this week: Tim Tebow is living la vida abstinent in New York. (NYT)
  • Texas state rep. Mary Gonzalez comes out as pansexual. (TheBlaze)
  • So how I feel: Why I choose love over motherhood. (HuffPo)
  • Sex geek Reid Mihalko’s superhero sexual recommendations for that thing in the desert called Burning Man. (ReidAboutSex)
  • Kathy Griffin wants you to go Fifty Shades of Green. (PerezHilton)