So Last Week 130

In this week’s So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed: Does a vibrator’s design lead to more orgasms? Is cheating rational? Kitty Stryker is a sex worker in love. Bedsider reveals an estrogen-free vaginal ring and butt plugs reveal the popularity of Republican candidates for President.

So yesterday: Bay to Breakers, SF (I’m in the middle photo, in between the passed out couple and Beaker, with Fleur de Lis).
  • Can a better vibrator inspire more awesome sex? (TheAtlantic)
  • Does focusing on the problem of cheating distract us from the problem of monogamy? (HuffPo)
  • You can be a sex worker in love (and a very eloquent one at that). (HuffPo)
  • What’s that in between your thighs? It’s an estrogen-free vaginal ring. (Bedsider)
  • From where doth beauty come? Is it a look or an act? (TheGuardian)
  • Can the BS get over the BS? Oh boy…scouts. Lesbian cub leader fired for being gay.  (ABCNews)
  • The Republican presidential race, through the lens of the butt plug. (Vimeo)
  • This makes me think we need to have some humans spayed and neutered: After having 30 kids with 11 different women (twice he had 4 children in one year) Desmond Hatchett asks for a child-support break. (LATimes)
  • Priscilla Chan is the new Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg, but who is Priscilla Chan? (DailyMail)
  • I want to see this, but I know I won’t stop crying. Austria’s Michael Haneke’s new film “Amour” tackles the deterioration of love. (Reuters)
  • In other words, Raven Symone says my sexuality ain’t none of your dang business. (MTV)