So Last Week 129

It’s the international edition of So Last Week with a tale-o-gender-identity happy from Argentina, and a plea from the British about sex. Plus, Obama and same sex marriage, a playa case (for all safer sex sluts out there) and remembering a friend and partner in sex-positivity, Shannon Collins.

So last week: I graduated from SFSI. A lonely panda. My friend Kate‘s sculpture is up in Hayes Valley.
  • “This is truly a human right: the right to happiness.” Argentina’s new gender identity law says be the gender you want to be. (Feministing)
  • Obama’s same sex marriage stance sends conservative panties into a bunch. (WashPost)
  • Tennessee tries to ban gateway sex. (ABCNews)
  • The playa case, for those who want protection from their cell phone. (
  • RIP Shannon Collins. A senseless murder of a wonderful woman and sex positive shop owner. Support Camouflage if you can. (SantaCruzSentinel)
  • 70 year-old virgin finally ready for baum-chick-uh-baum-baum. (Dailymail)
  • More sex please, we’re British. (HuffPo)
  • 10 mistakes people make to destroy their sex lives. My favorite two, letting themselves go and devaluing or inflating the importance of sex. So true. So true. (
  • Is sexual training only a US thing? Keep spreading the love. (
  • Is masturbation boring? Try something new. (GoodVibesBlog)
  • After porn ends, a new mainstream documentary on the life of former and future “civilians.” (Xbiz)