Hot Sex on Tuesday: Yay Stripping

Illustration by Benjamin Wachenje

I am not a professionally performing seductress, the kind who moves slowly around a pole, sliding, twisting and turning in a slew of mind-bending formations. I’m not the girl who gets on a lap and works it like she’s churning butter. I get in my head, and out of my body, as I witnessed in the series of classes I recently group-on‘ed at a pole dancing studio in LA. I tried making love to the pole, but couldn’t even wrap my head around the sexy walk, a trailing of left foot then right foot, accentuated with a swaying of the hips, that is the recommended gait of said instructor of pole dance. That and you need more than a bit of arm and leg strength to build up to powerful pole performance. I’m convinced I could have done it (and done it well) but for additional obstacles (besides my brain). One, the pole is cold and hard and I like warm and soft, and two, I hate wearing heels.

You don’t need heels to sexy walk, but heels make walking sexy. They accentuate legs and wearing them may even improve pelvic floor muscle strength. I loathe heels, can’t stand in them for more than a few seconds and would rather find a pair of combat boots for sex appeal. Yes, I’m making excuses for thinking I suck at pole dancing, but it allows me to figure out places I don’t suck. Places that I can still feel sexy without fear of the pole. Stripping is one of those ways. It’s sexy. If you’re with someone that’s going to get you naked anyway, it’s another way to get naked. It’s about slowing……it………down. Even slower than that. And making eye contact, which keeps you in connection with your partner. It’s way more about connection with yourself (if you do it in a mirror), or your partner, than it is about a pole.

Don’t get me wrong, pole dance is sexy when it’s done by other people and I get to admire their strength and talent. And stripping is sexy, when it’s done by anyone confident enough to own it. I like the personal”ness” of stripping too. How many pole dancers do you know who only pole it up for one person? Pole dancing can feed off a larger audience. Stripping can to, but it also makes sense to do it to connect with one other person. In pole dancing you connect with the pole.

So, why did I go from pole dance to stripping? Because it’s hot sex on tuesday and so today’s hot sex tip is move your body to feel sexy. Whether through dancing, stripping, pole dancing, bellydancing, it doesn’t matter. However you groove, let your body make sexy talk.

The biggest difference between pole dancing and stripping is that one requires you to swing on a pole and the other (may) require you to sit on one. Other than that, it’s all in how you move.

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