Sex Advice: Contraception

Question: I’m 26, female, and looking for contraceptive choices. What’s your favorite?

Answer: It’s difficult to play favorites when it comes to contraception because everybody’s bodies, and family histories, dictate that we follow different means and ends.  If you don’t know the person, or aren’t in a committed relationship, barriers are always a good bet, and if you’re looking for something more than over-the-counter, consult a trained medical professional.

I was recently told about this fantastic, hip site for laying out your contraceptive choices (thanks Roger). At you can find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had (well, maybe). From behaviors to barriers (I’d stay away from diaphragms as the lube you’re supposed to line them with should contain a sperm-killing agent to be most effective) to hormonal methods and IUD’s, you can learn the basics on birth control and even more! more! more!

Plus, there are personal stories to go with each method, you can find out where to obtain birth control (including the morning after pill) and even set up a reminder for taking your pills or when making a health appointment. The best advice I can give is practice safe sex by finding out what the safest method of contraception and protection is for you, in your relationship. It’ll take some trial perhaps, but here’s wishing you little, or no, error.