So Last Week .79

Family planning to save lives. SlutWalks. Demi Moore’s role in helping expose human trafficking in Nepal. The largest adult STI testing center shuts its doors for good and the the great wall of vagina, a must see for anyone with lady bits. It’s all So Last Week, Sex News You May Have Missed.

  • How condoms can save a family. (NYTimes)
  • Human trafficking exposed, with a little more help from Demi Moore. (Ecorazzi)
  • The rape comments of a cop create a slew of ‘SlutWalks.’ (MSNBC via AP)
  • Brazil approves same-sex civil unions as a way to save human dignity, end discrimination and promote equality for all. (HuffPost)
  • San Diego teacher fired for soliciting oral and anal sex on craigslist. (SFGate)
  • AIM, the adult industry’s STI testing site shuts down. (LAWeekly)
  • Why do women feel bad about doing things that feel good? (Alternet)
  • Loud moaning gets a Florida women in trouble for sexual performance in the presence of a child. (NewTimes)
  • Is 10 really too young to talk about masturbation? (TheStir)
  • The Great Wall of Vagina. (Juxtapoz)
  • Making the rounds: A kissing machine, because practice makes perfect. (AOL and LAWeekly)
  • Is there a sex toy double standard? (TheFrisky)
  • Teen moms talk about protection. (US)