So Last Week .78

In this week’s SLW, sex news you may have missed, we look at porn as a first amendment right, and also as something that traffic cops in LA can apparently star in and then get Paid Leave for doing. Plus, the hilariously overly sexual logo’s of 12 non-sexual companies and should news anchors like Anderson Cooper have to come out about their sexual proclivities?

  • Porn. It’s a first amendment right to watch it in New York’s public libraries. (DailyMail)
  • The uncomfortably, overtly sexual logo’s of the Islamic Understanding Institute and 11 other companies. (Someecards)
  • Hate crime at McDonalds. Chrissy Lee Polis, a transgendered woman speaks out on her public beating. (BaltimoreSun)
  • Should news anchors be transparent about their sexuality? (Chicagonow)
  • White House to host first ever trans meeting. (WashBlade)
  • City traffic enforcement officers appear in a porno movie in uniform, while on duty. You have to love LA. (KTAL)
  • Muslim actress Sila Sahin Poses Nude For Playboy and Luke Ford has questions. Religious debate ensues. (LukeFord)
  • Why I’m on Ashley Madison. (EditrixAbby)
  • File under “get a life.” A not so (or nutso, you decide) well-written article on the! horror! of a school teacher by day, erotic novelist by night. (WNEP)
  • Police in Berlin raid apartment to find a buzzing vibrator. (CityJournalist)
  • Five reasons Kate and Prince William’s marriage will last. (Shine)