So Last Week .73

In this week’s SLW, sex news you may have missed - a pole dancing class…for Jesus. Plus, sexual branding reinvention, a Presbyterian minister who preached against homosexuality until he finally understands it, Vivid doesn’t want Usher’s sex tape and the top seven most embarrassing moments in sexy times.

  • Pole dancing for Jesus. (HuffPost)
  • Must read: Presbyterian minister changes mind about gays. (Salon)
  • Quebec and porn. And a mother, a daughter and a promising porn career. (TorontoStar)
  • Great advice on maintaining relationships with exes and etiquette on celebration for unmarried, childless people who don’t have bridal or baby showers. (SeattlePi)
  • Go Susannah Breslin! How to reinvent your brand when your personal brand is sex. (Forbes)
  • Propecia: more hair, less sex. (PsychologyToday)
  • Wisconsin governor dislikes the gays. (AutoStraddle)
  • Sex workers aren’t child molesters. Leave sex workers in education alone. (Slate)
  • Top seven most embarrassing sex moments. (FoxNews)
  • Burn this book, or perhaps your bra? One hippy’s rant about another hippy’s book. (EditrixAbby)
  • Why doesn’t Vivid want Usher’s sex tape? (Salon)
  • The University of Chicago has it’s own casual encounters website. (ChicagoTribune)
  • In Flagler, Florida sex education gets majority ruled. (Flagerlive)